Airnimal overview
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• Airnimal Joey
• 24” (507) Marathons on Commute, Explore & Elite
• Can carry full sized panniers - tough and light design
• Carry bag available. Hard flight case with trailer kit.
• Elite - drop bar versions. Others are trek / tour bikes
• Sport (520) - 8spd - 11kg - £1149
• Explore (507) - 27spd - 11kg - £1299
• Easy adjust over big range of sizes. Only folder with 27 and 30 speed options
• Rohloff and lighting hub options available

• Airnimal Chameleon
• The original lightweight design
• 520 wheels - 32h or 24h
• Elastomer suspension at fold
• Carbon front fork
• 10kg and less from £1999+

• Airnimal Rhino
• Full suspension folder
• 20” (406) wheels
• Choice of gearing
• White, Black and Road
• From £1899

The concept behind the Airnimal range is to build a folding bike that rides closer to a full sized bike. The initial design was the Chameleon which uses the lightweight 520 wheel size (nominally 24”). The model we’ve sold mostly though is the Joey which as no suspension and comes in straight bar versions on its Commute, Explore and Elite variants. All Joey models use the same aluminium frame and we can add racks and guards.
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The fold itself is simple but does involve removing the front wheel. Again as the Joy has a disc front brake this is a relatively easy job. The seat goes down to lock the frame in a carry position. The Joey can be provided with a commute kit that allows you to store the handlebar and front wheel.

The 520 and 507 wheel sizes are found on several recumbent models too. Spares for these are more varied than before and the 507 has many common tyres from Schwalbe in the 507 size (eg Kojak, Big Apple etc).

The Airnimal travel system is
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enhanced with a choice of soft and hard shell carriers including the trailer kit that means you can tow the flight case behind you. As the Joey uses smaller (than 26!) wheels it enjoys lower gearing even with the stock Shimano 52/42/30 when combined with 11-32. Further gear options include the excellent Rohloff 14 speed gear with 526% of range (Elite - £2369) along with the Alfine 11 with a 400%+ range (Commute Alfine 11- £1669).
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Hub lighting options can be added to make these very comprehensive machines indeed.

Azub Origami
Innovative Czech company Azub now offer the chance to ride a folder with a comfortable seat. This extremely well worked out design allows both wheels to stay on along with the seat. More details on request. Prices from around £1600 depending on equipment.

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ICE Trikes
All ICE models fold using the ICE Flat Fold system except the VTX. The seat removes easily along with the rack (if fitted) on the Sprint and Adventure RS / RSX and FS / FSX models. The Sprint 26 and Sprint 26X use a rigid rack that stays on the rear swing arm.