Recumbent bike overview
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• Performer 700 range
• Lightweight with carbon fork
• Aero frame with steerer choce
• Mavic 700c wheelset
• Road bike from £2250

• Pelso Brevet
• Large & medium frame sizes
• Carbon frame made in Hungary
• Superlight - framekit fm £2350
• Buy as framekit or build to spec

• Azub Origami
• Good all round folding model
• 20” Wheels with 60mm tyres
• Many options available.

• Challenge Fujin SLII
• Lower, lighter, faster
• Sram 50/34 from £2700
Supplies from Challenge are not easy to obtain at the moment (October 2020).

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• Bacchetta Giro + Corsa
• Two frame sizes / 2 seat types
Bacchetta now handle the Pelso (for US market) and have launched their first trike - a carbon model from Sweden. This reflects the changing market for recliners.

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• Azub Twin tandem
• Folding / seperable frame
• 20/26 with under/over steer
• Rohloff versions from £4800
• Comfort with front+rear susp
• Aluminium frame
• Azub Twin review

Our choice of recumbent bikes has been reduced over the last year with the sad news that Nazca are no longer producing any new models (including the Nazca Quetzal tandem). We sold mainly Fuegos or Gauchos and are pleased that spare parts and accessories are still available. For European produced touring recumbents Azub continue to offer a very good range. We’ve sold everything from their Azub Twin tandem to the very neat Azub Origami folding recumbent. Email for more info.

The bikes featured above are the ones we’ve sold most of over the years. Others are available of course and the intention here is to give you a quick comparison of the most important points of each model. The factor that will count most is how you fit to a particular bike. If you are less tall then using a taller bike can take more getting used to. The term ’racer’ does not signify that any of these bikes should be raced! Many are used on Audaxes though - over a long distance comfort counts. Some combine load carrying with sporty handling.

For actual details of whether a particular bike will suit you then email Laid Back. We also have pdf sheets we can send out in addition to the links to manufacturer webs sites.