Tandem + load bikes
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• Circe Helios tandem
• Adjusts for adults and child
• Alfine 8 speed Helios £1799
• Compact + train/car friendly
Cargo and triplet variants
• STEPS Alfine Di2 E-version

• Urban Arrow Family
• Bosch assisted - 500Wh
• Your spec from £4100
• Family and Cargo versions
• Maxi Cosi and Yepp adaptors
• Integrated design & covers

• Nihola Cigar Trike
• Manual or Promovec*
• Your spec from £3750
• Family and Cargo versions
• Maxi Cosi and Yepp adaptors
• Rain cover / colour choice inc

• Azor Bakfiets
• Manual or STEPS e-assist
• Your spec from £4100
• Family with colour choice
• Maxi Cosi and Yepp adaptors
• Classic Dutch design

• Circe Morpheus tandem
• Adjusts for adults and child
• Alfine Morpheus from £2649
• Alfine and Rohloff versions
• Large front rack version
• Strong lightweight design

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• Hase Pino tandem
• Separable frame
• Front suspension
• 27 speed version from £3150
• Fully equipped tourer
• Independent front pedals

Screen shot 2014-01-15 at 10.24.14
• Azub Twin tandem
• Folding / seperable frame
• 20/26 with under/over steer
• Rohloff versions from £4800
• Comfort with front+rear susp
• Aluminium frame
• Azub Twin review

* Promovec E-assist - Rear drive e-motor from Danish company Promovec. The system has been tested in Scandinavian weather conditions and is made to cope with tough challenges. The motor has a three year warranty, and the battery has a two year warranty with the possibility to receive an extra two-year capacity warranty. The batteries are produced in Denmark from a 100% renewable energy facility and by strict regulations. Suppliers to Post Danmark.

A tandem or load bike can help you replace a car if most of your journeys are in the 1- 6 mile zone. We’ve sold many of the Helios tandems as they offer great value for money and can adjust from child to adult size. Some customers though want something that can hold a load of stuff without panniers. That’s where ‘bakfiets’ type cargo bikes come in. The choice is pretty large these days with the new Urban Arrow coming with a nicely integrated Bosch electric motor.
Circe Helios Looking In
Whatever you choose you’ll discover new ways to cycle and beat having to worry about parking spaces and bus timetables! For two adults the tandem concept really does allow you to share the journey in a way no other vehicle can. There are of course loads of traditional tandems available but the ones we have chosen offer more versatility than purely ‘race’ designs.

Hase also offer two Kettwiesel trikes as a coupled ‘train’. So in effect the Hase is a five wheeled articulated tandem. We are dealers for Terratrike with this trike tandem based on the TerraTrike Rover.
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This though only comes in an 8 speed Nexus version.