Recumbent trike overview
• ICE Sprint 26
• Folding / many gear options
• 26 rear wheel no suspension
• Versatile 20/26 - from £2496
Link to Sprint 26 Review

• ICE Sprint Suspension
• Folding / many gear options
• Front suspension available
• 20 or 26 rear with suspension
• From £2884
Link to Sprint Review

• ICE Adventure (inc HD)
• Folding / many gear options
• Front suspension available
• 20 or 26 suspension options
• From £2482
Link to Adventure HD Review

Sprint Xs Main Image
• ICE Sprint X range
• Choose 26 or 700c rear
• 3x10 SRAM folding trike
• Suspension options
• From £3336

Screen shot 2014-01-10 at 12.49.55
• 700c lightweight hard tail
• Sram 3x10 or 2x10
• GRP or Carbon seat M or L
• From £3816
Review by Dave McCraw

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• ICE Full Fat
• All terrain trike
• Rohloff version available
• Schwalbe Jumbo Jim 26”
• Folding frame
• From £3516

All ICE models fold using the ICE Flat Fold system except the VTX. The seat removes easily along with quick release QR levers. Frame also uses QR lever.

Screen shot 2016-07-22 at 09.44.48
• Azub TRIcon
• Made to order in Czech
• Custom colour £POA
• Folding / full suspension options
• TI-Fly with titanium front sus
• Hub gear and lighting choice

Screen shot 2014-01-10 at 12.57.35
• Hase Kettwiesel
• Easy to use delta trike
• 9 speed from £2335
• Folding and full suspension versions
• Aluminium with chain adjust
• Hub gear and lighting choice
• Electric assist available

The trikes featured above are the ones we’ve sold most of over the years. Others are available of course and the intention here is to give you a quick comparison of the most important points of each model. The factor that will count most is how you fit to a particular trike. If you haven’t tried a trike then be prepared to have your pre-conceptions challenged. Trikes offer all year round cycling. Some people think that triking is just for people with an excuse (ie balance or injury issues). The modern folding recumbent trike re-defines human power and is a distinct branch of cycling in its own right. Like two wheelers trikes are fun. Take a test ride and enjoy ‘scrubbing’ round corners and staying low out of the wind. Safety-wise trikes are as visible as any other low vehicle on a road - maybe more so. Laid Back customers use trikes for touring and commuting. Fairings can be added to give weather protection and performance enhance.
Velomobiles are of course the next stage on from a faired trike, but be prepared to wait whilst your machine is being made. Not a cheap option (£4k+) but does offer you another level of comfort and performance. Expect to test ride a trike first though as demo machines are thin on the ground.

A good source of reviews and info on what we sell is found here at
Dave McCraw’s web site. For actual details of whether a particular trike will suit you then email Laid Back. We also have pdf sheets we can send out in addition to the links to manufacturer web sites.

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